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    Hi there, my name is Andrew Cass… I’ve been selling and creating sales presentations for over two decades and this is the ONE-and-ONLY blueprint I use to kick off every single script. Yet… only the “big guns” who close the most sales seem to know about it or use it.

    You will not find a more detailed breakdown of this Method anywhere except in this FREE Audio Report and Digital Guide where I break down The 2×3 Selling Method piece by piece. It was tedious work to get it all organized. But it’s here and ready. And it truly can double (2x) your sales when all three steps (3) are firmly in place. Hence, the term “2×3” Selling Method.

    Here’s a sneak peak at what you’re about to get your eyes and ears on…

    • The official PDF guide and 45-minute audio reviewing The 2×3 Selling Method piece-by-piece so that you can put it into practice TODAY.
    • My own “midas touch” on the Method based on my 25-years in the sales and marketing arena. I am best-selling author of the book Sales Velocity as well as co-host of the wildly popular Sales Velocity TV show and podcast. I’ve had the privilege of working directly with some of the greatest sales and marketing minds of out time – Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Russell Brunson and Jordan Belfort — to name a few. Plus, three of my private clients have landed on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s fastest-growing companies. In short, I made it even better! 😉
    • The 3 little words that will have THE greatest impact on your sales conversions for years to come (NOTHING comes close.)
    • A bulletproof language roadmap you can follow for every single one of your sales calls, webinars or in-person presentations from here on out. It’s been around for decades but very few use today. The simplicity of this will blow you away!
    • How to overcome the biggest battle in business today: getting and keeping your prospects “Attention.” The 2×3 Selling Method will show you how to nail this first!
    • The 3:1 Ratio you cannot ignore in ANY of your selling and marketing (99% of people are NOT aware of it!)
    • Why you should STOP doing Webinars altogether if you’re not doing this thing in the first 5-minutes (it’s a guaranteed waste of time and money for you if you don’t).
    • The BIG LIE about “selling emotion” that’s stopping you from truly connecting with your prospects (this will shock you).
    • 3 questions to ask yourself before every single sales presentation to as good as guarantee it’s a success (no matter WHAT or WHO you’re selling to!)
    • REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES of the powerful 2×3 Selling Method in action, broken-down brick-by-brick in a 45-minute audio taken directly from a Sales Velocity RADIO podcast episode (and easily copyable in any business or niche.)
    • BONUS:The one thing NEVER mentioned in copywriting and sales training books that separates the SUPER SELLERS from the rest.

    “I’ve been creating videos for small businesses for the past 8 years. I was introduced to the 2×3 selling method in 2021 and it’s literally changed how I write video ad scripts for clients. Over the last few months, this method has allowed us to 5x our ad results with just a few simple tweaks to our scripts. This framework is GOLD! Highly recommend anyone study what Andrew’s put together here. And its Free!

    Jaime Paredes

    “So, I’ve been presenting and selling my services BACKWARDS all this time! Ugh. I wish I found this guide sooner. I am now connecting with my prospects on my strategy calls like never before. It’s unbelievable to me the difference this one simple report made to our sales conversions. Get it!”

    Jane Doe

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    Jaime Paredes

    You may be asking: “Why are you giving away this Audio Report & Digital Guide for free?”

    Great question. I see way too many people and awesome ideas getting chucked on the scrap heap because of bad selling.

    People and ideas that could change the game AND the world. I can’t sit on a strategy guaranteed to transform ANY selling of ANY product or service with a guilt-free conscience. And, listen…

    …I’ve had my rodeo

    • I’m a best-selling author of Sales Velocity.
    • Co-host of the popular business show, Sales Velocity TV and RADIO (where this EXACT audio & guide came from!)
    • Co-Founder and CEO of PipelinePRO, a leading Sales Pipeline Management, and Marketing Automation software (SaaS) platform.
    • I’m a former Dan Kennedy Certified Business Advisor, and a trusted Advisor and Strategist to many private clients today.
    • I’ve worked directly with and have been trained by some of the greatest sales and marketing minds of our time including, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Russell Brunson, and Jordan Belfort, to name a few.
    • 3 of my private clients are currently on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s fastest growing companies.
    • My work has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, South Florida Business Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, and USA Today.

    Now, it’s about leaving a selling and business legacy of a DIFFERENT kind… By helping other people NAIL it.

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    Andrew J. Cass
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