Commercial Cleaning Services

We do not provide cheap commercial cleaning services. Neither do we underbid your current cleaning services providers to win a job. We know the quality of our work speaks for itself.

Our specialty is providing consistent daily cleaning services. We are a relationship-focused company, we have built a loyal workforce with years of consistency. That is how we build our loyalty with you.

 Our experience says you cannot upkeep a place with a one-time effort. If you try to do so, you end up hiring temporary commercial services providers. Remember, the value for your money will be under-utilized because there are no temporary solutions to your cleaning needs. Cleaning is a continuous process.

When you spend on quality commercial cleaning services providers, you free your time for more productive utilization, and that in turn will drive the dollars back to you.

We also provide a demo to selected first-time clients who want to experience our services, and we offer 30-days no-questions-asked refunds throughout the tenure of our annual contracts.

Types of Premises We Clean

Corporate & work-from-home offices

Who doesn’t want greater and more positive productivity from their executives & teams?

We all do, and that is what we provide.

When you partner with us, the sense of “clean & cleanse” is so prominent and pervasive, that it will notice an immediate difference.

You will practically see the direct impact of our mindful team cleaning around you on your team’s productivity.

No nonsense. Direct business. That is what we provide.

When you give us the green light to clean with our own methods, believe in the small and actionable steps we guide you with to achieve mindfulness, and you’ll see the results for yourself.

Cleaning an office isn’t rocket science, and yet for some reason, ensuring that thorough, and consistent cleaning occurs week-in and week-out seems to elude so many workplaces.

What you miss seeing is this impact on your daily performance.

If this sounds familiar, don’t despair – with a good plan and a well-supervised, motivated team charged up with high vibrational frequency, you can leave the cleaning our professional services team while you can focus on what’s more important.

Safeguarding health and aesthetics

Quality office cleaning doesn’t just enhance the presentation of your business, it actively improves the hygiene of your workplace and the health of the workers spending 40+ hours in it.

we know most employees spend more time at their offices than at home, so we aim to treat these places with utmost love and affection for your colleagues to feel at ease.

When applied with keen attention to detail, the anti-bacterial cleaning agents we use on your desks, keyboards, door handles, kitchen benches, and other high traffic surfaces – along with quality HEPA-filtered vacuums and transfer-reducing door mats – help to proactively safeguard your workers’ health and reduce the spread of illness and even absenteeism.

A little extra when you need it

Whether it’s waste management, helping to maintain your consumable stock levels, or coordinating periodic specialty cleans, there’s a host of additional ways we can help make your business run more smoothly:

  • Provide & maintain bathroom and kitchen consumables
  • Sanitary bins
  • Carpet and upholstery steam cleaning
  • Floor buffing
  • Windows and internal glass
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Concrete pressure cleaning

Shopping Centers & Retail Stores

High level of cleaning standards

Here at ULS, we have deep knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of the retail cleaning sector and the commercial cleaning needs of shopping malls. Having years of industry experience in cleaning both shopping malls and retail businesses, our cleaning systems are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

We maintain our high level of cleaning standards by continuing to evaluate and monitor our internal systems and quality inspection controls to match your individual requirements

We provide audits and reporting to ensure that we satisfy your evolving business needs. We use cutting-edge environmental cleaning equipment and processes to minimize our environmental impact while ensuring a clean, healthy environment for your staff and customers.

Develop strong partnerships with mall management

We work together with center managers to achieve the highest quality cleaning standards for your shopping center and retail spaces.

Whilst having extensive experience managing labor for 24-hour sites for a variety of retail clients, we combine the implementation and management of floor maintenance systems of individual sites as this ensures consistent, efficient, and effective service.

We understand that every site is new and needs mindfulness to focus on its individual needs.

We offer many cleaning packages for both small, medium, and large shopping malls and retail shops. Our staff members are friendly, well-presented, and professional. Our retail cleaners receive support, training, and dedicated supervision to provide our clients with a professional cleaning company with services across Toronto.

Medical Centers & Hospitals

Professionally sanitizing your premises

Most special attention is required here. Because you are delivering to sensitive age groups and necessities. You don’t need just a cleaner, you need a compassionate cleaner who goes out of the way to understand the needs of the children at school and the patients at the hospitals or a clinic.

We pick and choose our team just for this specific sector, with backgrounds of caregivers and volunteering skill sets, not everybody can match these attributes. Our goal is to treat the places just as we would have wanted our children and family members to be treated when they are at school or visiting a doctor.

Whether it houses a General Practitioner dentist or physiotherapist – one of the biggest challenges facing any medical office is how to maintain a professional appearance and protect patients from contaminants when there are so many individuals visiting these premises under several physical and mental circumstances.

Keeping your visitors safe and healthy requires a well-considered cleaning schedule, the correct cleaning equipment, solutions, and PPE, an experienced cleaning crew with an excellent eye for detail & affection, and an effective, consistent auditing and vigilance process to ensure standards are strictly adhered to at all times and days.

Urbane Luxury Services works with many medical and specialist centers and understands that while these sites become dirty exceedingly quickly, poor presentation or any hygiene-related risk to a visitor or child’s wellbeing is absolutely unacceptable and endangering.

We work closely with center management and administrators to ensure that our work causes minimal disruption, targets both known and potential trouble-spots, and is optimally coordinated to deliver the most cost-effective results for your business.

We thus carefully screen and vet all of our crew specific to the Healthcare sector so that you can have absolute peace of mind that you know who is accessing your workplace and that there is no threat to any confidentiality of your sites or compromised standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

School & College

Curbing the spread of viruses to keep surroundings germ free

School & College cleaning presents several challenges, in part because sanitation and cleanliness are not top-of-mind for many students and kids.

Our goal when cleaning an educational facility is to minimize the spread of bacteria, viruses, and communicable diseases in a very high-touch and high-traffic environment.

Urbane Luxury Services uses a sustainable approach to cleaning and customizes our cleaning tasks to fit the individual needs of your school or college. Our environmentally friendly cleaning programs will reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, and communicable diseases throughout your facility, leading to a healthier, more productive environment for students, faculty, and your’ as well as our staff alike.

With all these parameters, it is critical that you have 100% confidence in your cleaning service partner a consistent, high-quality standard of cleaning, on time, every time – and at the right price. When all of it comes with added care and affection, you have a no-brainer win as the best janitorial service provider in Toronto.

The right person for the job isn’t just a cleaner

It takes a special kind of people to work in a caregiving environment. While the ability to perform the tasks required is just as important as in every other setting, this alone is insufficient without a sympathetic attitude and approach to the occupants of Education and Healthcare centers.

A good cleaner understands that they aren’t just cleaning a premise, they’re cleaning a space occupied by people with sensory needs and age groups requiring a lot of extra care and empathy alongside an eye for details to handle the special cleaning needs arising in these premises.

We take great care to only assign cleaners who are compassionate, respectful, and understanding of the specific needs and setting of these facilities. This includes strong English-language skills, a discrete and respectful attitude, and sensitive group training in soft skills and tolerance to unusual needs including a patient approach towards their surroundings.

Aged Care & Senior Retirement Residences

Reliable cleaning with care and compassion

Are you helping to care for your aging parents? North Americans are aging more gracefully and healthfully than ever. It’s not uncommon to remain active and healthy until well into our 80s and 90s. However, it is natural to slow down as we age — and to require some help with daily chores and some companions around to keep them healthy and happy.

Thus, the concept of Senior Retirement Homes is growing more and more each year.

Urbane Luxury Services provides reliable cleaning services for seniors in Toronto. Our cleaning companions are perfect for daily cleaning the retirement homes with special daily needs, and just as a trial for those who are looking for cleaning for senior living homes.

Specifically, this handpicked crew team has a lot of experience working as caregivers is a perfect match for serving this specific sector of senior living homes. Research has shown maintaining independence is the most important factor to those within the aging population.

The American Association of Retired Persons says that about 90 percent of seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they get older.  One of the most difficult challenges faced by senior citizens is keeping their homes clean and presentable. Cleaning chores that were once merely bothersome such as mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, dusting, and vacuuming can become physically exhausting or even dangerous, as it can lead to accidents or falls, thus leading to many seniors moving out of their homes into assisted living facilities simply because the task of keeping a house clean has become too difficult or harmful to their health.

This has created a new form of living for our beloved, aging parents at these senior living homes.

Thus, the growing need for an especially attentive cleaning service provider, the best in the town of Toronto with real compassion towards your parents at the retirement homes. We help your parents find the same warmth and compassion as being at their own homes otherwise. It’s our goal to meet and exceed your expectations, to make your life easier, and to provide you with more time to enjoy the more important things in life.

When potential customers decide on a retirement home, they are looking for more than just a roof over their head—they are pursuing a lifestyle. Comfort, style, and convenience are by and large the most sought-after features.

As part of our holistic approach, we offer professional cleaning services delivered on a schedule that works for your residents. We’ll clean your premises for you so you can have more time for your loved senior residents, their special needs, and attention.

As a tender and loving service provider of senior home cleaning services, we are well aware of the many hesitations, cautions and, concerns of the senior citizens. That is why we do our utmost to assure seniors that our services are safe and efficient

The main objective of any senior cleaning service is to ensure your parents are living in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. We say our special crew is your Companion for light Housekeeping and Janitorial services.

The elderly residents of long-term care homes often have compromised immune systems or are already dealing with health concerns. Infection prevention and overall cleanliness are therefore critically important.

A company providing professional cleaning services to a long-term or retirement home are first and foremost, concerned with maintaining strict cleanliness standards to help reduce illness. This includes regularly disinfecting touchpoints to reduce cross-contamination and bacteria spread, adhering to guidelines set by government and health entities, and ensuring all staff has current flu shots, immunizations, and medical tests.

 Our Services include but are not limited to

  • Cleaning Public Areas, Lobby, Corridors, Elevators, Washrooms
  • Cleaning Dining Areas, Bars, and Lounges
  • Cleaning Kitchen back of the house
  • Cleaning Employee Dining areas and staff locker rooms
  • Delivering morning newspapers as per your rooming list


In addition to a basic level of trustworthiness and effectiveness, our cleaners offer slightly different methods for providing elderly people with care to better provide the customer what he or she wants. These variations in style allow you to select a senior cleaning company best suited for your living home.

Maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of an aged care facility takes a lot of patience and compassion, which are our strengths, as our founder spent a lot of time serving one such facility in Toronto, and still holds it close to her heart. It’s an accommodation site, food preparation, and service site all of it together with a medical care environment.

The best part is it’s on show 7 days per week 24 hours each day.

Hygiene is Paramount

There are few places where cleaning and hygiene practices are more important than in an aged care facility. With elderly residents, who are far more susceptible to infection and ill-health than the general population, there is no room for error when it comes to maintaining standards. Your reputation is on the line. Your accreditation is on the line. So are ours, as we work closely with you to represent you

We work closely with facilities to ensure our cleaning services are provided in a way that meets your site’s needs and specific service quality goals. While the exact cleaning schedule and tasks performed vary for each facility, we understand what you seek to achieve and are ready to listen to your unique needs and challenges to make sure our work hits the mark – and that you’re able to meet all 44 outcomes of the Aged Care Accreditation Standards at your next audit or unannounced visit

As cleaning companies charged with servicing long-term care facilities, we meet the best practice standards laid out in the Ontario Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC). More than just reducing illness, effective long-term care facility cleaning services should include measures for safeguarding the overall health of residents.

Green cleaning products and methods are used to reduce the number of harmful chemicals in the cleaning process.  Particularly, the volatile organic compound (VOC)-free, fragrance-free, and dye-free cleaning materials should be used.  VOCs, for example, can cause adverse short and long-term health effects.

Another way we support residents’ health is through the appropriate handling of their bedding and other belongings. We understand that the residents of a retirement home or long-term care facility aren’t just receiving medical care there – they are living there. It is their home.

Urbane Luxury Services, as a responsible and good cleaning company, customize a schedule with the home administrator that will decrease disruptions, noises, and disturbances to the lifestyle of your senior residents.

A clean building is a comfortable and safe building. We assure your residents’ families feel at ease, knowing their loved ones are in a hygienic and healthy environment.

Hotels, Restaurants & Commercial Kitchen

Now, this one is closest to our hearts and soul!

You can imagine with over 2 decades of personal experience of our founder, we know what hurts the Chefs, the owners, and the hotel investors most.

We treat your hotel as our first home and your guests as ours.

Being hoteliers ourselves, we know what you expect from our night cleaning team or the day Housekeeping team. We provide both with equal, unparalleled expertise that no one can beat.

If you have a team with an entrepreneur who has done the job for 20 years, then there is no way anyone else can do it better.

Chambermaid’ services, is the day service we provide, apart from the night deep cleaning of front of house public areas, swimming pools, and spas of your hotel; and back of the house employee break rooms, galleys, hallways, executive offices, and restrooms – we understand your success starts with your back of the house and your employees. 

Cleanliness drives customer satisfaction in hotels and restaurants. An immaculately cleaned and well-kept guest room increases the likelihood that customers will choose your hotel again and rate you in Google with the best reviews.

Our professional service team, managed by our founder has the training and experience to ensure your hotel or resort is properly cleaned to the highest of your own Corporate standards.

  • Spas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Terrace
  • Lobby and restrooms
  • Elevators
  • Guest Rooms
  • Employee break rooms
  • Hallways
  • Executive Offices
  • Employee Changing rooms and washrooms
  • Parking lots and Fire exits
  • Events and banquet spaces post and pre-event cleaning


Hot work stations and often thankless job dealing with customers at the front!!

You left for home worried about how dirty the kitchen was when you finished work last night and you have an important banquet breakfast event the next morning.

Now imagine, you walk into a premise next morning which immediately charges up your energies higher, and you become independent of all sorts of worries.

You have us, as an experienced cleaner knowing exactly how and what to clean efficiently in order for you to surpass the inspection targets and your own standards.

Being experienced Luxury Food & Beverage operators ourselves, knowing and delivering to Corporate Inspections, Public Health Standards, and all other standards are our passion.

Walk in, look at the part, and happily do your work right away.

Restaurants are busy places. Employees are focused on customer satisfaction and they are busy providing superb food and the best customer service available. It is no secret that high quality and clean restaurants will bring in a lot of business but when employees are busy there is not much time to focus on deep cleaning. This is where ULS restaurant cleaning services come in as a specialty service provider.

Our restaurant cleaning professionals will take care of all the hard work it takes to keep the restaurant in pristine condition, allowing you to increase employee productivity giving them the time to maintain their attention on keeping your restaurant customers happy. A clean restaurant is a happy restaurant with a happy customer.

At Urbane Luxury Services, we perform fast, efficient, and thorough restaurant cleaning. Our professionals understand deeply that a place of eating must be kept in immaculate condition adhering to the laid out Corporate Brand Standards, not only for the sake of patron’s health but also for common decency and the service commitment your brand is known for.

To that end we provide the most reliable restaurant cleaning services being restaurant owners ourselves. If required we can provide a customized restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist that lists all the cleaning and sanitation tasks that need to be done prior to the end of a shift or workday.

Restaurant Front of the House cleaning includes:

  • Carpet and Floor daily and monthly cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Bar counter floor and mats cleaning
  • Mirror’s cleaning
  • Soft upholsteries and chandelier deep cleaning
  • Furniture and furnishing daily/monthly cleaning


Kitchen cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of the following equipment

  • Combi oven
  • Deep fat fryer
  • Fat fryer
  • Flat top ovens
  • Hot ranges, Stoves, Grills, and Broilers
  • Stockpots, Bain Marie, Grease pans
  • Under counter hard surfaces exterior
  • Walk-in fridge
  • Dry Storage rooms
  • Sinks
  • Plate and food warmer exteriors
  • Microwave ovens and Salamander exterior surfaces
  • Exhaust hood exterior and filters
  • Drains, handwash stations, and all other hard surface exteriors
  • Trash receptacles

Deep sanitizing as per COVID 19 guidelines

Delivering consistently high levels of hygiene and sanitation of all high touch surfaces is very critical in Fitness Center & Gym facilities. Your fitness center needs to be kept clean for hygiene standards, reassuring your clients for a safe comeback.

ULS provides professional Gym and health club janitorial services for fitness facilities located throughout the GTA. Our goal is to ensure that every part of your gym or fitness center is properly cared for by certified, professional cleaning staff and the certified standards of equipment and chemicals as required.

We are available day or night, 24/7, during open or closed hours to make your building’s facilities look their absolute best.

We understand and know that gym and fitness center cleaning requires attention to detail and following the specific cleaning procedure to ensure that high levels of standards are always maintained. We will work with you to create a cleaning plan to disinfect all high touch areas, common areas and eliminate harmful viruses.

Condominiums & Residences

Home sweet home!!

You care a lot, so want it to be your best. We commit meaningful services.

Each home needs to have a Vibe expectation and alleviate the overall mindfulness and meditative focused energy of your surrounding without you even having to do anything.

With us you will learn the connection between home cleaning and high vibration energy.

Outmost care is extended to you, your family, your pets and every single task we accomplish at your home to raise the vibrations and increase a mutual awareness within your family to find and align with that vibration of mindfulness, in Oprah’s words “what are your whispers”.

We not only clean, we guide your loved ones to find that perfect alignment with a lot of fun and interest and not just a boring meditation or yoga session, we urge you to follow us on our social media to learn how you too can trigger this one unique trick that every high performing achiever living or dead unanimously agreed to have been key to their lifestyle.

If your regular crew team is not available on your scheduled cleaning day, we will always provide a substitute team to make sure your suite is still cleaned the best as scheduled. All of our team members are trained, bonded, and insured with one of the most comprehensive policies in the industry, giving you and your parents peace of mind.

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