Your Reputation is on the Line When
You Recommend a Cleaning Vendor

Consistency in cleaning quality is essential for a smooth running contract.

They need to know how to properly clean the building to the highest standards.

They need to conduct themselves professionally on-site and be an asset to you.

They need to be proactive in noticing and reporting on maintenance issues BEFORE they become a costly repair.

So when you have a cleaning crew that isn’t properly trained?

And they aren’t confident in their ability to handle their day-to-day tasks… The quality of the cleaning in the building suffers, you’ll have a dissatisfied client AND be spending more time finding new service providers.

As a property manager, you know what a dissatisfied client means for you:

  • Energy and time spent on negotiating new contracts sooner than planned
  • Repeating the same vendor hiring process only to find yourself right back in the same situation
  • Having to wait for the new staff members to learn the ins-and-outs of how your facility’s cleaning processes work.

Rather than having to find new cleaning companies who overpromise and undeliver as time goes on,

What if you could have professional, well-trained, and satisfied staff members?

Ones that you can consistently rely on to get the job done. That’s where we enter the picture…

We Help Ensure Your Building Is
Clean & Staff Are Happy, All Without
You Having To Lift A Finger!

Urbane Luxury Services

Urbane Luxury Services is a commercial cleaning company focused on delivering comprehensive facility cleaning… So that you can provide the best experience for your clients and their tenants.

What makes us different is that we prioritize the training of our cleaning teams and staff . That means that not only will they be confident in their day-to-day tasks…

And Provide ONLY The HIGHEST
Quality Service…

But also act professionally on site! Ensuring that you, as the property manager, get fewer maintenance calls and cleaning quality complaints. With fewer maintenance calls and complaints, you’ll be saving both time and money on things you shouldn’t be worrying about in the first place!

Your time is better spent on tasks that only you can do. As the property manager, you should not be spending time on things that your cleaning vendors are responsible for taking care of!

We make sure that our staff are properly trained and performing to the highest standard by using the ULS Training Program.

Each training plan is created to fit the unique needs of the facility. This comprehensive training plan increases staff satisfaction, lowers the staff turnover rate, and improves the quality of the cleaning service.

But we believe that training isn’t just a “once-and-done” deal… After 90 days, our staff training is performed once every month! When working with ULS, the benefit is two-fold: You get better-trained cleaning staff that are the right fit for the building they are working in.


A better experience for your clients and tenants – meaning more business, fewer maintenance calls or complaints! To start, watch the free video below showing you how to ensure your staff is providing a consistent and high-quality cleaning service!

You can also schedule your FREE Site Inspection on the next page!

Watch The Video & You’ll Also Get Access To A FREE Site Inspection!

($500 Value, Yours Free!)

Our Site Inspections are a thorough on-site walkthrough of your facility or building. We’ll uncover areas of improvement in your cleaning processes… As well as understanding the unique challenges and problems your cleaning vendors are facing.

With a better understanding of the staff challenges. we’ll be able to put together a comprehensive training package. This training package isn’t just focused on a better cleaning performance… But also a better work experience for cleaning staff, so that the contract is staffed with cleaners you can rely on month after month!

Our complimentary Site Inspection includes:

  • Full building walkthrough with focus on cleanliness and hazard assessment (interior and external facade)
  • Storage rooms
  • Staff soft skill/training needs


..And Book Your Complimentary Site Inspection!

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