“Everything in life is vibration” – Albert Einstein! What is yours?

Blogs by ULS TeamNovember 30, 2021

Did you know, forms of snowflakes and the faces of flowers take on their shapes because they are responding to some sound (aka: vibration) in nature?

Vibes” are not a thing you can ignore. It either creates who you want to become or destroys who you do not want to become.

Our vibrations generate thoughts, which then we manifest – aka: put into actions.

Now you know why you wear a specific perfume on your date, with that crisp pocket square?

Read below to know how you can control your vibrations for perfect manifestations.

Did you know you are moving?

Yeah! It’s not just your mobile phone that has vibrations.

Us and everything around us has vibrations.

As a matter of fact, nothing in the world or let’s just say in the whole Universe is stationary everything is moving. Everything, for instance, water bodies, rocks, trees, animals, etc. is made up of molecules that are vibrating non-stop to take shapes or forms as we see.

Let’s keep it simple, so what is “Vibe”?

A vibration is a fancy word explaining our overall state of being.

There are 2 types of “vibrations – high and low”.

When you feel high vibes, you will feel lighter (candid I mean) physically, mentally, and emotionally. You thus experience stress-free joy and peace.

On the contrary, when you feel low vibes you will feel a little discomfort (urgh!) in your physical or emotional body, which makes you unhappy, or discontent.

How does it affect our life?

Ever heard anyone saying … “she has got awesome vibes” or “he is so full of negative vibes”?

Vibrations play important roles in our lives because they are the outcomes of our thoughts, which in turn drive results from us.

Sounds like Magic   if you think good, you get good.

If you think of winning a lottery, you win a lottery. Hear what Abraham Hick says on winning lottery.

What I mean is, if you are able to get your thought aligned with your vibrations then the result will be in favor of your thought. If your thought was to win the lottery, you can. Let’s start small though 

Be mindful, think about what you want to achieve, manifest, and achieve it!!

So, what’s your vibe?

Try this one out….you left your home door unlocked, your wife is expected to reach home anytime, while you are out drinking with your friends. Let me know how you enjoyed the drink out.

Remember anxieties the night before your exam? That’s an example of a low vibe.

Why, because in our mind we built an unseen thought that exams are tough and stressful.

How to overcome this low vibe? Simply shift your focus

1. Listen to uplifting music.

2. Play with your kid or pet.

3 Go for a run.

4. Take a warm shower.

5. Dance to your favorite music.

To know more, read what Nicole Amaturo writes.



We read to know what exactly are vibes, and how most certainly we can control our own vibes, some quick at-home tricks to help you enhance your mood, aka: alleviate your vibes.

Comment below and let us know of more tricks to change vibes!

Develop the thought you want and achieve the result you desire!

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