Beware : Roomie chore strategies for survival!!

Blogs by ULS TeamJanuary 20, 2021

If your roommates don’t have the time to clean as per the weekly chore roster, then change your roommate instead of changing the roster. Have some standards my fellow roomies!!

Cleaning your room alone &staying on top of chores is overwhelming, so it’s important to build a team with a game plan.



If you ever wished to change your roommate for cleaning fights, then you are in control of the situation, read below to know the ‘top trending roommate conflicts’, and stay prepared with proven combat strategies!!

A teenager if not dating, tends to have a really bad grade for cleaning works. So please date someone, this is my rule number one.

Together with if you want a clutter-free shared room, then you opt for the schedule/roster with the perfect distribution of chores that can positively transform your household chaos (and also the feisty chaos in their minds) & empower (force majeure is also considered empowerment; just saying)roommates to contribute towards cleanliness.

Mind you, this way you become responsible for your own life.

Guys if you follow me, then home chores make you sexier. Overdoing may have other consequences though.

How roomies shared roster is made for chore works?



It might look daunting to accomplish the tasks of distributing works, but the teenagers who voluntarily choose their duties based on their interests find great success in their professional life too. Though the question is what % of students actually follow this?

  • What methods work best for teens?

Magnets & chore charts, paper-pin, or shouting within earshot to your roommate “can you take out that stinky f….. t-shirt” can be childish, but effective in all situations.

After all, nothing is unfair in love or war!

  • 3 roommates, 3 chores each week works great      

With easy to remember chore schedule like: three roommates handling only three main chores for a week on a rotational basis sounds amazing but the real magic lies in the commitment & ongoing work.

Three main chores can be anything from washing clothes, sweeping and mopping, taking out trashes, cooking mutually agreeable food (if you hate your roommate and spike it with 2-3 spoons of salt or spice do that at your own risk) etc.

  • Avoid misspells, for later ‘valid’ excuses

Use large magnets with the names of each roommate correctly spelled (some folks argue on misspelled names as reasons for missed chores)can deliver a great, bold lesson for all dwellers.

  • Assigning too many chores is a no-no, so beware

It makes them feel ‘off the hook’. A friendly conversation about the weekly or daily chores well ahead in a roster will work best.

Break it down to easy works:

  • 1 hour to the kitchen, dining room &living space
  • 3 hours is packed for the room cleaning, including washrooms
  • 1.5-2 hours is decided for the laundry
  • Lastly, 2-2.5 hours for the rest of the work (if any)

You see here some conflicts discussed and responses, stay on the game J



I love the way Britney Morgan‘gets it all done while getting along’

Play the ‘good cop bad cop’

  • Because you like to have the perfect lines while vacuuming doesn’t necessitate your roommate to feel the same way. So, don’t over expect, grace mark if they at least tried.
  • Tackle the situation day after tomorrow in your turn perfectly.
  • Everyone has their own perspective, so if one of your roomies is busy you can switch the chore for then, that works better at that time, do them a favour (ask back for it though)!!




With more and more teenagers living in shared accommodation, and spending about 30 minutes a day on homework, we learn today of the possible conflicts and quick fixes between roomies, in order to maintain love & peace at home.

After all, our life begins at our home, the energy we build within.

Comment and let us know, if you ever felt like smacking your roomie, and which strategy you used to win the game without a war.

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