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FFF: Four Funny Facts !! Men & Home Chores

Who says that mopping as well as a movie is mutually exclusive? Suspected for long but now evidence has discovered that men are very imperfect at doing the household chores.

Read below to know why men don’t willingly come to terms with home chores, as they do with beer & games.

Men who spend their Saturday nights in scrubbing the floor or trying to get their partner’s dressing table mirror spot free, I assure you that cleaning is only the highlight. Wait till he says “oh honey, my friends are coming over”.

Beware of the “camouflage”!

For guys, housekeeping is something that is what catches them in the hamster wheel, and nothing will inspire them more than their unexpected friends.

Most times for a man ‘performing the house chores’ while your kids are still growing up is just the same as shovelling your walk before the snowing stops.

But wait a minute!! Look upon the data for more interesting fact about the house chores so that you can still walk in your path even if it is snowing heavy.

20% of the men are devoting their daily times in the home kitchen

When it comes to cleaning men are hardly competing with women, but in terms of daily works20% of men are topping the chart of daily routine cleaning at home.

We are assuming, the other 80% are on some other cleaning schedules, or who knows where they are (watch out ya’ll women)…

On a funny note, even it is hard for women to clean alone, they still love cleaning more than men

On an average woman spend almost 12,000 hours of their lifetime on cleaning, while men only6,000 hours of their lifetime.

Should we then assume, it is a core competency and thus key skill essential for being a woman?

Men on an average spend 15 minutes a day in household works as compared to their women counterparts feeling the urge of45 minutes regularly, even if these womenwork full time.

For a typical week, they get themselves busy for 5 hours in house cleaning while women do the 10 hours for house chores.Do the math will ya’ll?

About 5% of the American men take the responsibility of cleaning their house on a weekly basis while women are on high 71%.

However, the remaining share of 24%, the task of cleaning the house is shared equally between genders. Ok so we love these men more!!Remember Meridith Masony’ viral video

Men who usually cook and clean homes are more irresistible for their partners  

This can be a golden nugget.

All the men who want to be more attractive towards their partners as according to science if you get yourself ready for the cleaning with some handy gloves and disinfectant, you can be more attractive for your partners.

Involving yourself with your female partner in house chores can make things work in your favour. Men are being identified by women as desirable & handsome who perform more and more house chores.

The analysis shows that a man can be seen more manly by the women if they are taking responsibilities in terms of domestic work, caring for the baby, mopping the floors, or making a delicious dinner(add a glass of wine, and you may earn excitement on bed)!!

So, what are you waiting for tonight, go grab this opportunity, now that science prevails…

Men like to do DIY household chores in a more friendly way than anything else 

Men dream about having a neat and clean house but in actual they don’t dream about doing the cleaning work.

How men like to choose their works?

Men like to do the DIY work like changing the bulbs, applying new paint on the walls, etc. in more fun ways than any other home chores. They feel just too exhausted in cleaning the dishes rather than climbing the greasy pole for changing a bulb.

The time has changed now women are also getting engaged in other works too rather than just sitting at home and performing all house chores.

Women don’t want to get trapped in their house.But even if they have to, they engage themselves in unspoken “chore wars” by distributing the work equally.


We find evidences, even though differences exist, 20% of men are attempting daily chores while 24% are splitting works equally. The gap of 71% remains unexplained, as we find more evidence we will present.

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