Dirty secrets of gender inequality

Blogs by ULS TeamJuly 11, 2020

A recent study shows that opposite sex couples of the younger generation are more likely to do their work separately rather than dividing it in equally amongst themselves. 

A shocking study even shows that even if men are at home or earn less money, women still spend more & more time in household chores.

Read below to identify gender equality at home and make a loving effort to get rid of it.

It seems, the oldies were more romantic by keeping togetherness even in the house chores, wait a minute ….is that a study too?

Study also suggests that British women tend to do 55% more household work than what the men do. This sort of gender ideology is also shown in many social discourses and both women & men try to ignore the sociopolitical aspects.

The disclosure also suggested that differences in the opinions of men and women in relation to the household chores & work are also creating conflicts in the relationships between men and women.

HOW much time do men & women spend in household chores?

On an average a full-time working woman dedicates her 16 hours of time weekly for the household chores or we can say unpaid work in addition to the 42 hours of paid work on a weekly basis.

If you do the math right then on an average, women spend 7 hours of work outdoor and almost 2.25 hours indoor work on a daily basis as compared to the men who do only seven hours of work outdoors only.

So, the household works are on the shoulders of women and they tend to do daily tasks like cooking, dishes, laundry or even sometimes taking the shit of toddlers.

On the other hand, men are more likely to get excited over the household tasks like changing the bulb or moving the heavy objects or even eating potato chips to look like potato on the bed.

WHAT does a maid cost?

Maid services can cost $26 to $48 per hour if you live in US, and of course this varies based on your location.

On an average you will have to pay $80 to $100 for small size house and $130 to $230 of typically 1800 square foot area.

Ladies, you are doing it all for free!!

IS it worth your time to do all House Chores alone?

It is you who will decide if your time is worth spending on home chores or should you engage in works that interests you more.

For example, if you are earning almost $23/hour or more, and you know you can earn up to $50/hour, remember your maid approximately charges $23/hour too. Then is it not better to spend your time in doing something progressive rather than household?

But on the other hand, if you are thinking your time is worth that $15/hour & your maid is charging $23/hour then it is advisable to clean your house yourself to be cost-effective. By “yourself” I do not mean “only you” I mean “everybody living with you”.

WHY is Home Chores annoying for men?

Leading from the front is okay but men also expect their wives to handle all their dirty clothes & perform the duties (we are not criticizing any gender here but only criticizing the expectation) at the same time.

Instead, you can be happier (you can try) while performing these duties with high vibrations of energy, alongside the woman.

Should men do all household chores? Find it here

Going further with the gender inequality at household

It is an old law of nature that men went for the hunt while women stayed at home to provide required assistance, and security to the home.

Times have changed, we have progressed ahead in time.

Men, can be role models for their wives by shaping her career post-marriage, and not letting her be a homemaker forever.

But wait a minute! It is a worldwide lockdown so all men & all women are jobless equally so there will be not hunting for men and no beauty-salon for women.

You can try out your luck in performing disinfecting tasks for toilets, guest rooms, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

You might as well create some good memories at home, create some sparks in your relationships


The debate about gender inequality, is a hot topic in the Corporate world. As we dig deep, we realize the inequality even exists within our homes, in home chores.

Draw your attention, switch your mind to what exactly is happening at home with you or your partner, how you can build a stronger, effective, matured, yet fun relationship at home by simply participating in home chores believing it is the task that belongs to everyone at home and not just the women.

No matter how hard you perform at the office, how good you are at the ground, how best a personality you are carrying, it is important how good you are in creating togetherness even in home chores with your partner or family members.


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