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Spoilt or Chores? What do your grandparents remind you of?

Grandchildren help out around the house? Decades after decades, consistently grandparents still remain to be the single highest spoiler of our kids. Period!!

Read below to know how grandparents can also spoil your kids in positive ways to learn and perform house chores.

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HOW do your kids remember their grandparents?

Very important question, because it helps you know if your own kids are more loyal to you or to your parents. If it’s the first then you are safe, but if it’s the second you better be extra smart to not let the “grand kid’ team” outplay you.

My remembrance of my grandparents is different, because I belong to the second category of above.

When I had failed in my 7th standard of middle school, I decided to replace my original report card with the fake one. I committed the crime and then communicated to my grandpa, believing I already said sorry to God.

Of course, mom caught me, as the school mailed grade cards to all parents separately. Needless to mention, grandpa saved me when I was getting lashed up by mom.

Well, that’s the kind of bond I shared with my grandparents, supportive one team one way.

Teachings and core values delivered by the grandparents can be beneficial for you and your kids.

I did not find one kid as yet who can’t remember fun and good stuffs about their grandparents. Then why not use these “Bonding Benefits”.

ARE there any Bonding Benefits available from grandparents?

No matter what, kids will always tailgate the grandparents, of course if they are available.

Why? Because they pamper and spoil one another, so there are mutual benefits. We can use this unique link to teach our kids the importance of house chores and how to do them by simply engaging kids with grandparents while they do home chores.

My nephew does terrific laundry and dishes because he was a tailgater of my mother

Have a conversation with your parents, let them know you want your kids to practice domestic chores with them.

5 Best “Grandparents-kids” Bonding Benefits 

  • Saves your time and energy big time.
  • Let’s your kid enjoy with grandparents as well as learns important works from them.
  • As grandparents are mostly home, they have more time and patience to teach these right works to the kids.
  • Kids can learn both indoor and outdoor home chores – gardening, laundry, snow shovel, floor mop, car clean as well as doing dirty dishes.
  • It’s a mutual win-win. Grandparents get to spend time with grandkids, and kids get to have fun. Thus, the home chores sessions between them don’t come across to kids as “training”, but if you try taking time out of your busy day to teach the kids then chances are high that it comes across as “special training” something that the kids dread and avoid at once.

WHAT are the chores that kids-grandparents can do together?

Now that we have identified the benefits of Chore training between them, let’s dig in the chores that can be taught to the kids by their grandparents.

Top 5 home chores that grandparents can teach grandkids on

  • Setting up of Shoe Stand: A simple task that teaches the importance and ability to organize different things 
  • Grocery Shopping: A great way to talk about one another’ favourite dishes, ingredients and how to buy them. Create an awareness about healthy food choices and how to buy groceries 
  • Gentle Room Cleaning: Beginner’ guide J. As tailgaters, kids just about do all house chores when they see their grandparents do them. Make bed, dusting, thrown trash, trash bin colour coding, organize closet, vacuum carpet are all time favourites of kids. 
  • Laundry: Do you remember your laundry room laughter with your grandpa, while folding the clothes? These are moments when they enjoy the little chats, share their hearts, and bond with one another. 
  • After meal clean up: This simple dining table clean-up and putting away dirty dishes, is the most fun-loving & important chore. As this is that 1 thing you will have to do forever in your life, because you will never stop eating

To make things more fun, you can help the pair develop a weekly roster of the home chores.


It is important to teach home chores to our kids from an early age, in order to build good habits in them.

We learn about the mutual benefits of the bonding between grandkids and grandparents, and how it can be helpful in developing the important home chore habits in your child’ life most memorably.

If you want to know about my favourite funny ways to create weekly home chore roster, comment below


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