I’m a stranger, offering ‘energy’, not a can!

Blogs by ULS TeamDecember 4, 2020

Ever wonder why when you’re in a good mood everything around you looks livelier and cooler, but the same scene or even people bore or irritate the hell out of you when you had an argument with your parents or probably missed your football match finale? (No judgments!)

Read below as I am about to let you in on a secret. The whole time, that’s the ‘energy’ that the Universe was bouncing back to you to me to everybody, at every moment.

Well, honey doesn’t confuse it with the energy that our beloved ‘Iron man’ possesses, (Although I don’t mind having such powers). This one is something even more special and super. Real talk!

Still, confused isn’t it? Of course, because we are ‘internet slaves’ limiting human instincts.

So, wait there and I’ll show you exactly what I mean, which by the way will change the way you look at yourself. You will love yourself more and more…

What is Energy?

Sometimes, maybe because of an ‘unfortunate accident’ we think like ‘ash I have no control over anything. I can’t wait to be an adult soon, so I can better fix things up’. If I told you, you do have ‘control’ on this one thing, which in turn can ‘control everything’ in your awesome life!

Our mind, body, and spirit all are composed of different types of energies that vibrate out to our surroundings and can turn our day from ‘yay’ to ‘nay’ in split seconds.

Not only this, but such energies are also felt by pets and people around us, we only figure this part out when the energy denounces back to us J. That’s exactly why you feel happy in the presence of a Mr. Somebody who you don’t even know (yet).

On the other hand, everyone hates, or at least don’t like those who bully others, even if they did not get on your nerves directly. Because their negative energies quickly invade into your own energy boundary and that makes you feel irritated.

Its deeper, read the study by Cardiff Metropolitan University

How can I uplift my energy?

Kindness! It’s your best friend ever. Everyone believes they are kind, but believe me ‘we are not’

Next time when your fellow got her/him in a real mess, try to help them or at least talk to them. Don’t want to go that far? Even some nice words can do the trick. Notice how he or she will change, which in turn will push up your energies a notch higher.

You’ll literally notice a cool-wind inside yourself and other fellows might start asking you; “Hey, what’s up with you? Thank you for being with me” or “You mind if I sit with you, I think we could be good friends”

Yes! You guessed it right. That’s the energy that the whole Universe echoes back to you, because of your positive actions or even a mere thought! We will delve deeper into it later, I promise.

Pay attention to the energy you’re emitting

  1. Change the tone of your thoughts (surprised isn’t it, that our thoughts have tones too)
  2. Cut off negative thoughts (you did not know you have a negative thought)
  3. Expand your circle (did you know each body has a boundary or circle of energy?)
  4. Embrace kindness (sounds big, but it’s simple wait for my next article)
  5. Find your own inner power (not your muscle power)


All of us perceive certain types of energies everywhere, at all times, days, and seconds of our lives. Good energy can boost our feelings of well-being and can dissolve sadness and anxiety. It’s in your power to know what energy you are on and where you want to be. The Universe is listening to you.

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