Women use Mindfulness, Let’s use it better??

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63% of women use Mindfulness in their everyday lives. So, why not learn to use it better??

Women find mindfulness activities as fun-loving and rip the benefits to win “conversations” (ideally called “arguments”) with their men at home. Well, your man will probably become the best influencer if you start winning all the arguments one by one, without a mess.

Read to know what is mindfulness and how you too can practice it

WHAT is mindfulness

Our ability to control our thoughts not so desired thoughts and stay focused on our desired thoughts is Mindfulness.

Hold your first reaction. What the heck, I always control my thoughts!! No, it is not true.

Think back, aren’t there times when you literally have tears because your colleague got the promotion and not you, or you screamed back and walked out of home because of your fight, or may be your team lost a game and you smacked a punch to only hurt yourself?

HOW do women utilize mindfulness?


Even after decades, the spontaneous strategies used by women for winning the conversations at home are unknown, but it’s important for men to know how women drive results of such conversations.

  • They will not end the conversation they start.

  • They will divert from the main point of an argument to spark the next one.

  • They have a written but hidden policy of not admitting their faults, for centuries so don’t challenge.

  • Interestingly, women argue to feel heard and loved while men only argue to prove a point.

  • Women will always say the last word in an argument, and thereafter if a man says anything then it will be the beginning of a new argument (or your “downfall”).

Well, that’s the bloody power of mindfulness!!


WHY practicing mindfulness is important?

If we all knew to control our thoughts, then there will not be any sad, depressing or stressful moment in our lives.

If above reasons were not enough for you, then I have more.

By practicing mindfulness, you will learn about the brilliant utilities for various other reasons at home, at office, and at under all circumstances of your life. Whether you are busy with a handsome man at the bar while your is husband waiting for the moment to capture you red-handed, goes vis-à-vis genders though.

Disclaimer: Men please don’t try it with “the” woman of your life, you will be caught!!

There will be several such moments in all of our lives, when we will battle to stop some particular thoughts and think about some happier thoughts instead.

Times of worry, stress, loss, failure, loneliness, heartbreak or even a minor fear. These are times when we want to utilize mindfulness at its best.

HOW mindfulness can turn your harsh day into happiness with absolute peace of mind?

Before going deep in the ocean of mindfulness, you may want a cup of tea or coffee, go grab it.

Take your time in soaking up the below new ideas with a handful of notes as these are the actions that will make your life more meaningful, driven and blissful.

Short and convenient to implement yet most effective in getting rid of your stress instantly while staying outmost focused in your truest goal for the day or life overall. 

1. Mindfulness with Hands exercise

Whether you are a working woman, a top-class business entrepreneur, or a gorgeous lady of Hollywood, everyone needs an idea to head start your day for a successful journey. You just need daily 5 to 10 minutes of your wake-up time to perform mindful breathing activity.

The more your practice, the more your body and mind will be able to feel calm, and connected to the present moment. Just do this, God damn!

Grasp both of your hands very tightly just for a few seconds (5 to 10 seconds will be enough) then quickly release it then pay attention to what you feel after releasing your hands.

Comment below to let me know how your hands felt?

Staying focused on this one feeling of your hand without letting it go, that’s the little glimpse of the power of your own mindfulness.

2. Mindfulness with Eyes exercise

This will help you towards the end of the day to mindfully check-in all your needs.

Just simply stare at any particular one single object (Men, please note women are not “objects”) and remain focused on the object as long as you can. Be gentle, try not to blink, not to think, just observe that object calmly.

The longer you remain focused during this practice the more you will be mindful. Simply allow your body and mind to experience that “focus”.

In no time you will start noticing changes.

This exercise gives us the space to feel the surrounding ambiance, and our emotions towards it.

There are so many other fun-loving ways to let go of the distraction.

3. Mindfulness with Music

What was your favourite song when you were a teenager? (please exclude your heartbreak song).

How about playing it right now and simply feeling what you think or feel when you hear it now at this age.

Stimulating your mind with the memories behind your favourite song helps you linger your lovely thoughts for longer time.

Let your mind freely engage with your good old emotions, relive the past this time as long as you can.

4. Mindfulness with Nature

While enjoying this session, don’t look for the future, just forget the past and give importance to all your thoughts, actions, and motivations of this present moment

Some of my own ideas that helped me are here:

  • Enjoy the sensations of water fall from a wonderful waterfall.

  • Feel the aroma of rainwater at play with mother earth.

  • After your work day, take a walk instead of the Streetcar and glance over the greeneries as you reach home (avoid extreme weather conditions).

  • Right before stepping home, just stand still, arms spread apart and simply close your eyes while you just take deep breaths with a smile.

  • If it’s a Friday, or you have a day off the following day, don’t hesitate to drench in rain if it is raining, let your inner child unfold to you again.

5. Generating your undivided attention

Do something that you have never done before.

Weird isn’t it? But true. When we challenge our mind out of our daily routine or wired activities, our concentration or focus increases. Reason being, our mind in an effort to learn and understand what the new task or situation is, will stop all other creeping thoughts.

You don’t need fancy Yoga sessions, costly track pants, or a bicycle to perform mindfulness instead you just need undivided attention to simple things let’ s say cook a meal, clean the sink, change your bedsheet, sketch a hilly billy or any such thing that you don’t do every day.


You can manage your mental and emotional life together as a working woman, once you realize this, it will be the beginning of the most winning moments of your life, because now you will be the master of Mindfulness

These 5 mindfulness practices that are created especially for the working women are brilliant in helping them achieving more successful, meaningful, controlled and happier life.

Let us know in the comments below, which exercise you chose to do


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