Cleaning and Law of Attraction!! Possible?

Blogs by ULS TeamOctober 23, 2020

Cleaning and Law of Attraction!!How is that possible

Nikki said “I am in love with your bestie” just a second before I was about to propose to the girl of my dream, on a certain day when we both were having coffee at the Starbucks.

Horrible I felt, but I managed to smile and show fake caretowards her confession.

Later when I shared my sorrow with my friends, everyone except Neil laughed. Neil said “it’s law of attraction mate”.

You are curious already!!

Read to know how our lives surround law of attraction and how to attract it positively towards yourself.

WHAT is Law of Attraction?

You get what you seek, simple

Neil reminded me, years earlier I once sobbed to my friends; because I am not tall, smart and attractive, I will never get a hot & sexy girl to date and thus the above outcome…..does it make sense?

God damn! What was I thinking when I said that L

It works!! And with everyone. Men going through mid-life crisis, 60 plus elderlies, new buds like me or teens it just works for all and I say with my experience.

The Law is no law in itself, you and I make it a Law by what we think, and I will explain this point shortly.

Ever wondered why some your age are Millionaire while some like me are living pay check to pay check?

You answered wrong. Not all of them inherited wealth or luck to become millionaires suddenly nor all of them are Don Corleone of Godfather.

WHY do I need to know about the Law?

Because you have not 1 dime to lose

But you may gain few dollars to tons of hundred thousand dollars, and everything else that you desire to your highest good, if you dig in

Huh! Now you are sitting at the edge of the chair to read more. I like that. Keep reading

WHEN does the Law work?

Start with “Clean and Cleanse” rest will follow in due course

What do I mean by that? Well, if you don’t clean up your outdoor garden, no matter how much repellents you use indoor, mosquitoes will co-dwell with you at your home isn’t it?

So, before you greedily expect wonders out of the Law, take a step back and start from scratch. Remember “Rome was not built in a day”

Quick 5 simple steps to prepare the ground for the Law to work

  • Focus with fun on keeping your home and its surroundings clean.
  • Spend 10 minutes of your uber happiest time of the day to practice mindfulness, when I first started this step, I was salt bathing in the tub.
  • You will struggle, as its new, you will feel frustrated, but don’t stop keep doing it.
  • Consciously keep yourself positive. You can’t control subconscious mind so initially you will continue to abuse your bestie who picked up your girl. That’s OK.
  • Whenever you fear of consciously uttering a negative word or thinking negative, tap yourself to stop. Anyone around you does that stop them. If it’s your boss, go deaf, if it is your partner treat them with double chocolate cookie with a hope that one day, they can learn to stop being negative or they will become fat.

So now your surrounding is clean, and with practices of mindfulness you are able to stop your thoughts when you want to and focus on thoughts or works that interests you(please don’t do crazy stuffs here, I am only referring to works that are good in nature).

It is this state of mind that you need, in order for the law to kick in and do wonders.

Remember, this is not an overnight transition and will not be your “get rich quick” scheme. It is a “Lifestyle” and requires strong belief in it.

HOW will this Law work?

When your surroundings are clean, when you are able to focus on your thoughts that is when you are ready to make the Law work in the simplest and the dumbest ways:

  • Sit quiet.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Stop all thoughts in your mind, except for that one special thought of yours that you want to achieve.
  • Focus your thoughts on this one outcome in clear simple measurable terms.
  • Visualize and feel how the outcome makes you feel (yes, I used “present tense”, because you are now in a state of mind to truly visualize and experience the actual outcome of your desired thought).

Set your thought free to the universe, that’s it Voila!!

You don’t need any other expertise to be comfortable with the Law of attraction!!

If you are able to get to the 5th step of above, you are successful already in achieving your thought outcome.

Disclaimer:Don’t think of becoming a filthy rich drug dealer, it does not work on negative thoughts, instead it will take you close to most negative outcomes which you may have never dreamt of.

Anything you want to achieve with a positive mindset, with good thoughts, you will achieve it.

When will you achieve your goal? I don’t know. You must understand, everything we have done until now is in conscious state of mind. Once you are thorough, and your subconscious mind gets aligned to your conscious mind that’s when the magic happens. BINGO!!

Because, when your subconscious mind is aligned with your conscious mind, you will automatically find answers to the questions that were stopping you from achieving the desired outcome of your “special thought”.

People pay Tarot readers, and Astrologers for financial success prediction. The underlying fact to all of these is our subconscious mind in alignment with conscious mind. If I am dependent and remain unable to attain this alignment, then I will seek their support. The path is the same. Either they align for me or I align it myself.

If Oprah Winfrey believes it, then you gotta give it a shot. That is what I did, and I am successful today, that too after a 360 switch of my career and self-esteem.


Not every success story is a “good luck” or “born with a silver spoon” story

It is surprisingly true that our surroundings, the three-dimensional physical space that we have control over, aids our journey to success and become the greatest self of ourselves

Everyone and anyone at any age can transform their lives with this Law by practicing the simple 5 steps

Some adapt to it an older age, but we want your early success, so start it right away

Yes, read and know how “Clean & Cleanse” helps you find your success through the Law of Attraction

Start today and transform your life

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