Energy: Is it just fitness, Red Bull, Meditation or..?

Blogs by ULS TeamNovember 11, 2020

Are you high on energy and flying like a pro with wings after a sip of Red Bull? Then probably you are too lazy to even know that your energy is not canned in a Red Bull or oozing in the Goodlife Fitness Centre.

Misperception exists that going to a gym, popping an anti-depressant pill, hanging out in night clubs or doing meditation gains us positive energy.

Read below to find out what actually is “energy” and that only you yourself have control over it at all times.

Did you know, as you move throughout the day, when you meet your girlfriend, drink a coffee, ride a bike on the wrong lane or even escape underground, every time you send a type of energy into the universe and receive that same type of energy back in your life at one or the other point of your life?

Our minds, bodies,and spirits (PS: NOT tequila) are composed of different types of energies that vibrates out to our surroundings and are felt by others including your pets. I hope, now you know why you say “….he looks so damn positive”!!and immediately you go on to feel good within you, just by the effects of an unknown man’ looks.

It actually is his“energy”, because all those vibrations surrounding himresonatesaround and inside of youto generate impacts on the energy store you have in your very ownbody.

What “Good Energy” can do to impact our states of mind?

Well whatever it is, “Good Energy” is contagious and you never know who needs itJ

Don’t be surprised, but this is also a reason why you look “hot” when you are sweating with six-pack abs.That’s why, the energy we store at times makes us feel calm, warm, cheerful etc. and at other times cold, anxious or blue around other people. The energy has the power to impact not only our body but also the bodies(aka: minds)of other people we come in contact with, not just physically but within the reach of our energy levels.

Thus, it is safe to say, the “energy” that we pick up from our surroundings, that helps alleviate our energy in turn making us feel happy, confident, smart, sexy and all other positive emotions you can possibly name, is “good energy”.

The resulting effects of good energy are outstanding, and a few key ones I mention below

  • It boosts the feeling about your best-being and happiness all around you
  • It overcomes the feeling of anxiety and turns it into high vibration positivity in a split second
  • It improves your communication, the way you think, you express, you explain things to others
  • It helps build healthy and balanced relationships around you at work, at home, with your partner and even pets
  • It helps unclutter your mind and helps build simple, clear thoughts and vision of your life, work, goals etc.

I am not lazy, just that I am on my energy-saving mode

You have probably heard or said this at least once in your lifetime. This applies toreal-life. Rememberenergy can’t be destroyed, it can only be stored within you or transferred to another surface or creature.

Our states of mind, decides our energy levels. This clearly means, our mind decides what type of energy we will attract from our surrounding, and release to our surrounding. Every aspectthat impact our mind, determines our energy decisions, beliefs, and attitudes.

Find out 12 ways to replenish your Positive Energy Tank inside of you

External and internal factors like ethics, morality and even social norms are responsible for our state of mind and energy. And the result – “I am absolutely full of high vibe energy or I feel so low”

Everything starts from your awareness about the “presence of energy” because it is the birthplace ofthe outcomes you achieve – everything you do, everything you want to do, how you want your life to be starts right from here.

Energy is your own emotion that you set into motion either within you or around you.

Believe it, practice it and achieve it!

Most of the time people are not aware of their daily thoughts (aka: emotions). Emotions that can downgrade or upgrade our energy levels.

And that is why, often we watch a movie to upgrade our moods to feel happy, and often when we listen to an old song, we find a tear rolling our cheek because we are thinking about the breakup!!

Our mind processes the energies transpired by the movie or the song, and activates that corner of our body’ energy store to spark a certain type of resulting emotion – could be happiness, sadness, confidence or loneliness. Read Seth to believe that you can change minds of others.

Most of us recognize how we feel, sick or overwhelmed, sador happy. Some people are remotely aware of energy, and can barely identify only when their bodiesget physically sick. Pay attention to Energy, says Mel Robbins.


All of us perceive certain types of energies everywhere, at all times, days and seconds of our lives, even at our“Aha moment”.But a lot of us don’t know where it comes from!! Here we show you how our own mind and body are the reservoir of these energies, and the way we feel is just the way we read the energies within us.

Do you believe you have the power to control your energy at all times, not just when we are at the gym?

Comment to let us know, and we will tell you our secrets to it.

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